19. May 2015

Terms and Conditions


Global-In Fellowship will take place from July 8 to 28, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The international youth program aims to foster European, Transatlantic and Global cooperation and to support a network of young leaders. The program is separated in three parts: the workshop-week, a Model United Nations (MUN) and a political simulation.

It is essential to have read and agreed on the Terms on Conditions whilst handing in the application.

Through our selection process, we aim to find a diverse, motivated and highly skilled group of young leaders, coming from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland and Sweden.


§1 – Participation

The participant must be at least 16 years and maximum 20 years old (exceptions may apply) on the first day of the project, may attend high school or the first year of college / university (exceptions possible; get in touch with the organizer). In case of underage, the parents have to sign a declaration of consent. Participants must have their main residence in one of the countries stated in the preamble. After your selection by the organizer, you may confirm your participation within the next four days. After your confirmation, you are committed to attend the project and any activity. Furthermore, you are expected to prepare yourself for the project; to the full extent the organizer anticipates you to.


§2 – Application

You are able to apply online via the application form on www.global-in-fellowship.com; accepting, that both the organizer and the local partner organization review your application in order to select a delegation. With your application, you do not have any claim of participation. Fragmentary and false applications cannot be considered.


§3 – Costs

The project is financed by the European Union program “Erasmus +” and the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Participants do not have to pay a participation fee. The organizer bears following expenses, under the condition, that the organizer either spends the money himself or permits the expense in advance; unauthorized expenses cannot be reimbursed: The program will cover expenses of a basic travel option to and from the location; in addition to this, housing and food will be covered. Any expenses outside of the program’s planned activities that the participant chooses in his or her free time are not covered. The following expenses will expressly not be covered: Health or any other insurance during your stay in Germany, the cost of your passport and Visa Costs for Non-EU participants. We recommend a pocket money of at least 100€, which will not be used for project related expenses, but only in free disposition of the participant.


§4 – Organizer – applicable law – Disclaimer

Global-In Fellowship is a project under liability of International Projects e.V., a non-profit organization, based in Berlin, registered in the Registry of Associations of Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin. The applicable law is the German law. The organizer will take any action to enforce the German law, especially rules concerning the protection of minors and the German criminal law. The organizer adheres conform to the German liability law.

The organizer is not liable for any damage or loss of property, for damage to persons or for burglary, he, his representatives or any assigned third did not cause due to gross negligence. Furthermore, the organizer is not liable for any costs in case of illness or death of a participant; the participant is responsible to have a travel-responsibility.


§5 – Adjustment and cancelation of parts of the program

The organizer may adjust and cancel parts of the project or the project itself without the consent of the participants; including the change of venues, speakers and topics. In any case of cancelation or adjustment, the organizer cannot be held liable for any costs the participant spent in anticipation of participation. This does not affect such costs authorized by the organizer.


§6 – Exclusion from the project

The participant is committed to follow the rules (accompanying the T&C) and any assignment of the organizer, any mentor, workshop leader and assigned third. In case of breach of the T&C or the rule; in case of contravention of a within this paragraph stated assignment; in case of violation of the German law, the organizer has the right to send the participant home without warning on his or her own expense; in case of minority on the expense of the parents.


§7 – Privacy protection, photos

The organizer acts conform to the German and the European law of data protection. By participating, the participant accepts, that the organizer and all partner organizations may use pictures, the name and the age of each participant for marketing, public relations, documentation and evaluation reasons. According to the German Data Protection Law, you have a right of information about your saved personal data and the possibly to correct, block or delete such data.


§8 – Final remarks

The organizer is bound to guarantee the safety and the welfare of each participant, starting with the arrival on the official venue in Berlin, ending with the departure from the last official activity. The participant, in case of minors the parents, is responsible for him- or herself during the travel. In his or her free time, the participant is responsible for him or herself. In case of minors, the parents agree, that their son or daughter may leave the group in groups of at least three people, without the surveillance of the organizer, in case of authorization by the organizer.

In case of minors, the parents assign the tutelage to the organizer, its mentors and assigned third.