4. May 2015

About Us

Global-In Fellowship is a project of the Berlin-based organization International Projects e.V. Its directors, Fabian Angeloni, Hedda Nielsen and Jonas Tylewski, have a vast array of experience as both participants and organizers of youth projects across Europe and in the US. In addition to this, the project will feature six mentors all from different countries, providing diverse perspectives and experiences.

International Projects e.V. was founded in 2013 by two U.S. State Alumni (Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute) and former project managers of the federal Youth Press Organization “Jugendpresse Deutschland e.V.”. The aim was to lance a new chapter of european integration, transatlantic friendship and international collaboration. The main purposes are the delivery of education, the facilitation of mutual understanding, tolerance and encouragement of international collaboration and friendship.

To implement those goals, the non-profit organization organizes, coordinates or supports youth projects with a focus on non-formal education; particularly international projects in the domains of youth exchanges and integrative collaboration. Furthermore the organization creates a network of young leaders from Germany, Europe, the United States and the whole world. The projects are offered equally to male and female candidates. The aim is to foster political, social and cultural knowledge of young people and to encourage social, communicative, intercultural and political decision-making and responsibility to implement a better civil engagement. We want to contribute to peace and intercultural communication between young people through international youth projects.